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In 1989, the construction boom was grinding to a halt, many residents were trading their houses for condominiums … no yards to maintain, no snow to shovel, nothing to worry about … However; it was soon discovered that condominium living was not for everyone. Having recently been downsized from a large construction company, Carl Pearson found himself with no job, a wife and two young children to support. While listening to Frank Sinatra’s song “Anything Goes”, a light bulb illuminated brightly in Carl’s head; “what if there was a way to allow residents to stay in their houses, without the worry of day-to-day maintenance and annual upkeep?” When Carl arrived home, he discussed his ideas with his wife, Angela. Shortly thereafter, Anything Goes was born.

In the early years, Angela and Carl’s goal was to provide complete property management and maintenance services for those who owned stand alone houses, similar to those services which condominium owners receive. Angela and Carl worked together organizing and cleaning households; moving contents from one place to another; caring for elderly residents and even dressing as Pooh Bear to entertain at children’s birthday parties. Over the next two decades, the client base grew, as did the list of services and the number of employees. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, Angela and Carl’s dream evolved from a poem, a prayer and a promise into what is now a million dollar operation. Angela and Carl retired from the organization in 2013, handing the reins over to their son, Brad. With the help of his team of 15-25 (depending on the season); Anything Goes specializes primarily in the management and maintenance of private homes in the Greater Portland Area.

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Our People

Brad-croppedBrad Pearson | Owner

As the founders’ son, Brad effectively “grew up” in this business. From the moment he was old enough to stand, he was at his parents side; mowing lawns, shoveling snow, renovating houses, et cetera … Since graduating from Cape Elizabeth High School in 2007, Brad has played an active role within the organization. During his High School years, Brad spent most of his spare time in the metal shop where he learned the trade of metal fabrication. He has since used these skills to modify and/or create many of the pieces of equipment which the business utilizes on a daily basis.

Brad spends as much time as he can with his daughter, Mckenzie who was born in the summer of 2015, as well as with his family and friends. During the summer Brad enjoys waterskiing and boating and in the winter one is likely to find him on the slopes or in the trails skiing and snowmobiling. Brad takes pride in everything he does and will not stop until the project is completed to his satisfaction.

ZackZack Petsinger | Field Manager

Also a 2007 graduate of Cape Elizabeth High School, Zack has been a hard working member of the community since he was young. Due to his determination and drive, Zack has quickly worked his way into the construction and property maintenance industries. He began with taking carpentry classes in high school and later with the United States Navy, which he joined after graduating high school. He has been deployed multiple times, to several countries, serving as a project leader for a variety of government construction projects, both small and large. In the summer of 2007, Zack founded Birdseye Construction. Zack and his team offered many services, including everything from the little handyman projects to interior remodeling and entire additions. Birdseye Construction merged with Anything Goes in late 2014.

Zack married his lovely wife, Brittany (Nason) in the fall of 2010 and together are raising their three children, Ashlynn, Gunnar, and Xander. They also have two dogs. Zack enjoys taking his family camping or on the occasional Navy project where family is welcome. Zack loves what he does and works hard to maintain the small town, “family“ feel which Anything Goes was build around.